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Quiz: Padres rookies with 10 or more HR

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Ryan Schimpf became just the third Padres rookie to hit 20 home runs, joining - hey, wait, this is a quiz! Only one free answer! Anyway, a question with three answers, one of which is already known, doesn't make for a good quiz. I relaxed the threshold to 15, and there were still only six answers. From there I decided to make the cutoff 12, but then when I was about to create the quiz, I found one I did last December of rookies with 10 home runs, so I just updated it with the two new names (two! That's a clue!)

As with most quizzes here, you only need last names. And if you're not sure how to spell it, give it your best try; I wrote a bunch of common misspellings into the guts of the quiz. There are three minutes on the clock, which provides ample time to enter the ones you know and guess on the others. I didn't include each player's rookie year as I felt that would be too much of a hint, but I have provided the home run total and position for each.

When you're done, be sure to log your results in the poll below, and use spoiler bars over names in your comments.