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Lake Elsinore Storm's 2016 All-Star logo puts the Padres' All-Star logo to shame

The Padres' minor league affiliate is hosting the California-Carolina All-Star Game in 2016, and today they debuted the logo they designed for the celebration.

Last Summer the Padres' single-A affiliate, Lake Elsinore Storm, announced that they would be hosting the 2016 All-Star Game between the California League and the Carolina League. This morning, the Storm debuted the official logo of the All-Star game, and it looks sharp.

The year 2016 is an important one, as it will mark the 75th anniversary of Minor League Baseball in the California League. In addition, as part of the All-Star festivities and to commemorate the anniversary, the California League will introduce its inaugural Hall of Fame class. The game will take place in Lake Elsinore on June 21st, just a few weeks before the Big League All-Star Game at Petco Park on July 12th.

The Storm are a perfect team to host this particular All-Star Game. Like Disneyland last year, the Cal League is celebrating its "Diamond Anniversary" (both the 60th and 75th anniversaries are traditionally considered "Diamond" celebrations). And the Storm's home stadium in Lake Elsinore is appropriately called "The Diamond." Not to mention the obvious connection between baseball and diamonds. As such, diamonds were incorporated into the All-Star Game logo by the Storm's in-house designer. Also included in the logo are the iconic Storm Eyes, and other references to Southern California, where Lake Elsinore is located.

I love the logo. It makes me jealous that the Minor League All-Star Game logo is so much better than the MLB All-Star Game logo the Padres revealed last July. Storm's logo succeeded where the Padres' logo failed in incorporating a distinct, yet subtle "California" vibe with their use of palm trees. It's almost impossible to even identify the palm trees used in the Padres' logo. And of course the incorporation of both a baseball diamond and an actual diamond pay homage to both the Storm's stadium and the Cal League's Diamond Anniversary.

Seeing this just reminds me how bad the Padres' All-Star logo is.