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Trevor Hoffman has a plaque in the Hall of Fame Of My Heart

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Hall of Fame voters may think that the Hall of Fame Of My Heart doesn't amount to anything, but their opinions are for shit.

If there's one thing I know, it's having a plaque in the Hall of Fame Of My Heart is perhaps one of the most prestigious things one can have when it comes to being me. It's not a trivial matter. Also, having any sort of plaque buildup in anything to do with your bloodstream is very very dangerous and can lead to complications, so I don't just let anybody have a plaque in there. It's like... A big deal.

After I realized that Trevor Hoffman wasn't going to be included in the Hall of Fame that most people know of, I immediately committed to two things: The first is that I would still think of Trevor Hoffman as a Hall of Famer and the second is that I wouldn't do the typical San Diego Fan thing and second guess my fandom by writing a post after months of inactivity. Already, I see comments from Padres fans akin to, "Well, maybe they're right. Trevor Hoffman was just a closer" or maybe "Sure, I like Trevor Hoffman, but we are in San Diego and we don't get this sort of thing".

If you're thinking of doing that, then just don't do it. Trust in the fact that the Hall of Famer voters are idiots. Don't feed the mentality that just because we're not New York or Los Angeles that we don't deserve first ballot Hall of Famers. We absolutely do. Keep in mind that thirteen voters didn't think Tony the Gwynn didn't deserve to be in the Hall.

And then... yes... harden your heart a little bit, but don't harden it in the way that makes it so you shut out people like Trevor Hoffman demote him in your mind. Instead, harden your heart by erecting some plaque in there of the form of a vague likeness of Trevor Hoffman. It's OK to be a Padres fan. Just because the rest of the world isn't a Padres fan doesn't mean you have to second guess yourself.