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Padres Spring Training uniforms are still bland

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Teams are starting to take their Spring Training uniforms a little less seriously and actually making them fun.  Some teams are using the opportunity to reintroduce throwback fashion, others are making their alternate logos and colors their primary and the Padres are doing next to nothing new and certainly nothing even the slightest bit interesting.

As far as I can tell, they only removed the sand from the armpits and the team script.  Sometimes I'd like to just climb into the design team's collective brain just to see if I can spot any creativity at all or if it's just a wasteland of repeating blue and white patterns.

With the ever so small reintroduction of the Padres true colors of brown and gold this season as an alternate, this would have been the perfect opportunity to go crazy with some gaudy 70's uniforms with elastic waists.  I'm so disappointed but not the least bit surprised that this didn't happen.

Here's the bland jersey.  It looks just like the dull jersey we've been seeing for years except for slight MLB enforced patches and patterned numbers.

Spring Training Jersey Front

At least the Arizona patch provides some color but who wants an Arizona patch on their sleeve?

Spring Training Jersey Back

The hat looks to be the same one from last year.  At least it has a white front panel, otherwise this uniform would look no different than one you'd see mid-season.

Spring Training Cap

Let's see some effort next year Padres, this is just lazy.