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Organist Bobby Cressey will be a fixture at Padres day games in 2016

While this offseason hasn't been a particularly encouraging one for Padres fans, the powers-that-be recently made a decision that is sure to bring joy to all who pass through Petco Park's turnstiles this year: Organist Bobby Cressey will be featured more prominently this season than in years past.

The unmistakable sound of organ music is an essential facet of the ideal ballpark experience, and Cressey is one of the best in the business. For several years he has delighted Petco Park patrons with an eclectic mix of old classics and his take on modern pop hits to complement the standard baseball cues one associates with the medium. He has even been known, on occasion in times past, to take requests from fans and friends for songs to play during games; he also tailors his arsenal specifically for theme games, such as last season's Wayback Wednesday slate which harkened back to the late-'80s.

News of Cressey's increased presence at the stadium in the year to come was delivered by the man himself, via Twitter.

It's understandable that he would have to miss some of those games, as he's about as busy as busy gets; he played 305 gigs last year, and that isn't even taking into account all the recording, teaching, writing, charting, producing, and every other bit of work he puts in.

This is great news for everyone involved. Not only for the San Diego fans who get to enjoy the fruits of his labor with a cool breeze at their back and a cooler drink in their hand, but also for Cressey himself, whose exemplary work has given him the opportunity to combine his passion for the keys and for Padres baseball even more often, as well as being a part of this year's All-Star festivities. It couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving person.


The full schedule of games he'll be working is up on his website. In addition to the aforementioned day games, Bobby will also be performing at a handful of night games, so go check that out.