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Quiz: Players with 8 or more seasons with the Padres

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I was going to write a post about the longest tenured Padres players but then it occurred to me that if I did that, a number of people would lament that I should have made it a quiz. I'm a man of the people, so here we are. That, and I'm hardwired to seek out the easier, softer way. With this, everybody wins.

Eight seasons with the club seemed like a good cutoff point since there are 15 players who meet that criteria, and that's a good number for a quiz. It seemed a lot more user-friendly than 29, which is what it would have been if I lowered the bar to seven seasons. You have three minutes to type in as many last names as you can; don't worry if you're unsure of the exact spelling, as I included several alternate misspellings for each name while creating the quiz which will give you credit and show up as the proper spelling.

Once you're finished, log your results in the poll below, and be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over any names in your comments.