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The Padres' 2016 promo schedule is an improvement over past years

More brown, less bland!

Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Padres released their 2016 Promo schedule this week, and I have to say it's a decent improvement over the past few years. Rather than a bunch of super bland, boring items, the Padres have included some really awesome giveaways that will ensure that I'll be making it out to several more weekend games than usual this season.

In case you haven't yet seen the promo schedule, check out this nifty video the Padres put together.

Or, if you don't feel like spending 45 seconds watching the video, here's the schedule in its entirety, in picture form.

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I was really excited about that Opening Series triple giveaway, until I really read the print. So I guess these aren't actual jersey, but jersey-shaped rally towels? Still cool, but not as cool as jerseys would have been. That said, there ARE some really cool wearable giveaways this year. Much better than in years past, if you ask me.

The hat giveaway on April 16th is probably the best-looking hats they've had in years. It has the All-Star colors, and it also comes with a schedule cling, which people usually like. Then there's a Tyson Ross shirsey, also featuring the All-Star colors, which I really like. The Padres are also giving away throwback replica jerseys later in the season, on August 6th. These will appease the fans of the '90s-era blue and orange colorway.

On May 7th there is a hoodie giveaway. Like jbox said, it looks like the same hoodie they gave away last year, but instead of a lame, boring gray hoodie it's an awesome brown one with the new Padres font, which is actually starting to grow on me.

Another brown-colored wearable giveaway will take place on June 17th, and it's one of my favorites every year. Knockaround is an awesome local company and I get so excited for their Padres sunglasses each year. They are fans of the brown, so three out of their four giveaways have used the brown color scheme. Their sunglasses are great quality, super durable, and they just look sharp. Not to mention they'll be probably the only giveaway without a sponsor logo on it, because they're sponsored by themselves!

Finally there is another hat giveaway on June 18th. It's a fedora, which I have absolutely no interest in, but some people seem to love them. These look pretty similar to last year's fedoras, but with the All Star colors instead of the blue and gray.

Overall this year's promo schedule is pretty great, though I still would have liked to see a bobblehead or a fanny pack (I cross my fingers every single year for either of those). A lot of people seem to be looking forward to the Fan's Choice lunchbox / drink holder giveaway as well as the USB charger giveaway. Of course jbox is most excited for the reusable bag giveaway. But I think what gets me most excited is the Padres Hall of Fame coffee table book on July 1st.

What are you looking forward to the most?