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Target has begun selling 2016 Padres gear

A few new Padres shirts have started showing up in Target stores, and they make use of the new Padres color schemes for 2016.

On Wednesday I was down in San Diego and decided to stop by Target on Balboa Ave. to get a few things. While I was there, I stumbled upon some of the new Padres gear they started selling, and I was pretty impressed.

When I say I "stumbled" upon it, I mean that I actually only saw the stuff by accident. They were in a weird place that would be hard to spot unless you were really looking around every single corner of the store (which is classic me when I'm at Target). Also, the merchandise I saw was only their kids' stuff. As far as I could tell, they hadn't begun displaying the adults' gear yet as of my visit. But if it was any indication of what's to come this season, I'm pretty excited.

There were only four shirts that I saw so far, and they all featured the new color schemes of 2016.

These are all pretty cool in their own ways. The first one (brown) is pretty generic, but I like that it has the older SD logo, even though that isn't the one the Padres will be using this year. The one next to that seems like something tween girls would like to wear to baseball games, and even though it has those random fonts, it's not bad.

The second pair of shirts are my favorites. Yangervis Solarte was my favorite player in 2016 so I absolutely LOVE that they are using his name/number this year. It's hard to tell by the picture (sorry, the lighting in the store wasn't very good), but the one on the left (yellow) has navy blue lettering. I would've preferred the brown lettering but it's still an awesome shirsey, and I'm seriously considering getting one. The pinstripe v-neck is pretty cool too, though I don't really care for that font. But again, something I could see kids wearing at the ballpark.

I hope these shirts make their way up to the North County Targets soon so I can really start shopping for Padres stuff. It seems like each of the last few years Target has slowly but surely been stocking more "throwback" gear, and with the Padres using brown as one of their official uniforms in 2016 I can't wait to see how much brown will be on the store's shelves. As if I needed an excuse to spend more money at Target.