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The Padres are announcing their promo schedule through their fans on Twitter

Kent Horner/Getty Images

This may be my favorite time of year, the time when the Padres let their fans tweet out their promo schedule.  It's interactive, interesting and intimate.  My buddy and yours, Darklighter, kicked off the tweeting with this gem.  Apparently he suggested this item at a Social Summit a couple years ago, but he doesn't remember.  It must have meant a lot to him.

What's nice is you get to pick your promo.  You either get the bottle holder or the lunch bag.  There's something you should know about me, and this is probably a good time to tell you:  I'm more of a sack lunch kinda guy.

Now we wait for the next item, ever so patiently.

Oh wait, it was Brady from Lobshots that actually started the tweeting, because of course he did.  The Padres love themselves some Brady, but not as much as Brady loves Brady.  JK Brady, OMG, JK!  But look at that promo it's some sort of tech gadget.

Next item is a brown hoodie.  It looks like the same t-shirt hoodie as last year but much improved by the color.  This is actually a good piece of clothing for the beach.  Not too hot and gives you some protection from the sun.  I'm down.

Oh, I guess they gave up and just released the rest themselves.  Good idea.