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Quiz: 2015 El Paso Chihuahuas

Can you name every player who spent time with the Padres' AAA affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas, last season? Spoiler alert: No. No, you cannot. But what you can do is see how many of the 63 you can identify in eight minutes.

This includes every single guy who appeared in even one game with the Pups last year, including big leaguers on rehab assignments, AA players promoted as temporary placefillers, and so on. All that is asked of you is last names, and you don't even need to spell those right, as I included numerous misspellings in the quiz construction for all but the easiest-to-spell surnames. For instance, if I had played for El Paso last season (which I definitely did not) and you typed in "Lanick", my actual name would appear and you'd be credited with a correct answer.

Once your time has expired or you give up, log your results in the poll below, and be sure to spoiler-proof your comments.