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Padres sign drummer Jemile Weeks

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't breaking news, since it happened over a day ago and it's just a minor league deal, but it's worth noting that the Padres picked up second baseman Jemile Weeks. Prior to gettin' my Google on about ten minutes ago, pretty much all I knew about Jemile was that he is an infielder who used to play for the A's, and that he's the younger brother of longtime Brewers fixture Rickie Weeks. A quick glance at his stats revealed that Jemile has also played for the Orioles (for all of three games!) and, most recently, the Red Sox. Since his sophomore season in 2012, when he underwhelmed as Oakland's starting second baseman, Weeks has played in just 25 major league games, spending most of his time in AAA outposts Sacramento, Norfolk, and Pawtucket.

I won't rattle off his stats here, since they're about what you'd expect from a Quad-A guy, but I will share the following video without explanation or backstory:

Good stuff. If he gets the call up from El Paso this year, maybe he can jam with Padres organist Bobby Cressey.