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Padres announce Spring reporting dates for players

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

There's people that count down days to Spring Training.  I'm not one of them.  That's like counting down the numbers of days left in your vacation.  Especially after last season's results where following the team felt like a second job.  I for one needed a break from baseball.  Furthermore I'll tell you the idea that Padres baseball is only 5 weeks away is scary, because I fear for this team.  If they try to go into the season with this roster, they're going to get slaughtered.  Preller better start some of his #RockstarGM sh_t or the Padres better work on the drainage at Petco Park because it's going to be a blood bath.

Padres announce 1st spring workout dates |

Pitchers and catchers report to the Peoria Sports Complex on Feb. 18. Their first workout is scheduled for the following day. San Diego's position players report Feb. 23. The first full-squad workout is then scheduled for Feb. 24.

I don't know how they'll expect to compete when they lost their best player in Justin Upton and they sucked when he was playing.  We need more time.  Somebody petition the commissioner for more time!  If only we had more time!

In 5 weeks though I'm going to feel completely different.  I can't wait!