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Pancakes for Clean Water, the Gaslamp Ball edition

When he's not thinking about himself, he's thinking about others.  That do-gooder Brady over at is raising money for clean water by making custom designer pancakes for anyone who donates $20 to the campaign. At the risk of inflating his ego, I have to admit he's pretty talented in the medium.

I kid, but it's a good thing he's doing and the cause is worthy of your donation.

Donate $20 [or more] to this campaign, and you can request any kind of pancake. Anything. Fire up your imagination...and I’ll fire up my griddle, and do my best.

My friend and yours Darklighter donated and had Brady make the Gaslamp Ball logo.  I really like the time-lapse video that comes with the pancake.  It's a nice touch.

I just donated and requested the San Diego Chicken.  I look forward to seeing how it comes out.