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Dodgers 8, Padres 4: Dang, that's a lot of home runs

Oh, and Chase Utley played dirty.

No, baseball, come back!
No, baseball, come back!
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There's not much good news tonight. Matt Kemp hit his 200th career homer, and I guess that was pretty cool. You know who else hit home runs tonight? The Dodgers. A whole bunch of them. All but one of their eight runs came on five homers. James Shields and Marc Rzepczynski gave up a pair each, and new guy Jon Edwards gave up one of his own. The Padres bats did okay on the power front themselves, scoring all four of their runs on the longball. It was everything else that eluded them, as they had only one hit beyond their three home runs.

Shields got off to a bad start by giving up a solo shot to Carl Crawford in the first, but Kemp returned the favor with his two-run bomb in the second half of the inning. The Dodgers turned it into a game of "Anything you can do, I can do better" as Scott Schebler tied the game with another solo shot the very next inning. Jedd Gyorko gave the Padres the lead again in the third when he hit one into left field. That home run was initially ruled a double, but on review, it bounced off the glove of Harry the Heckler. Elite security gave Harry a little trouble, but the review clearly showed that the longtime Padres fan didn't interfere with the play. Still, I marked it in my scorebook as an error for Harry. We here at Gaslamp Ball have high standards for the best fielding fans in baseball.

The one non-homer run came with some screwy baseball in the top of the fifth. After a double and a pair of walks, Shields had his hands full with the bases loaded and one out. Corey Seager grounded to first, and the Padres had a good chance to turn two. Wil Myers fielded it cleanly and tossed it to Gyorko, who was perfectly positioned for the throw back to first. But Chase Utley was playing dirty. His takeout slide at second was so far off the bag you could have put down another base in the space between. You can't argue with the results, though. The umpires didn't call him on his illegal and dangerous move, so the run scored. Not that it mattered; the sixth inning was so disastrous that the Dodgers would have won on it alone.

Rzepczynski gave up two homers for four runs after he took over for Marcos Mateo. The first went to Justin Ruggiano and the second went to former Friar Adrian Gonzalez. Pat Murphy yanked him and put in Edwards to face Utley. Instead of giving Utley a richly deserved plunking, he gave him a home run instead. That was the merciful end of LA's offense for the evening. Brett Wallace hit another bomb for the good guys in the eighth, but it was too little, too late.

Tyson Ross will take the mound for game three. First pitch at 5:40 PM.

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