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Brewers 5, Padres 0: Is the season over yet?

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

If tonight was any indication of how the last four games of the season will go, I'm all for fast forwarding to Monday and getting on with the offseason. Justin Upton banged his head into a wall and left the game with a neck strain. Andrew Cashner gave up five runs in one inning. The offense got shut out again. The only bright spot of the evening was that Rocky Gale picked up his first big league hit.

Cashner did okay for the first five innings, but his shutout ended with a disastrous sixth inning. Adam Lind and Khris Davis led off with back-to-back singles, and then Shane Peterson drew a walk to load the bases with nobody out. Two more singles by Jean Segura and Herman Perez drove in all three baserunners and got Cash yanked off the mound. Nick Vincent gave up one more single to make it 5-0 Brewers.

Hopefully Ian Kennedy does better in tomorrow's home finale. Last first pitch is at 3:40 PM.

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