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Bob Scanlan out as Padres shuffle broadcast lineup to fit Don Orsillo

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Yeah, yeah the Padres hired Don Orsillo B.F.D, but now the bigger news for this blogger is the loss of  Bob Scanlan on the radio broadcast.  Scanlan is simply the best, he's been doing top notch work for the Padres for ages and while it's a long shot I hope that Fox Sports San Diego can find a place for him.  I'd take him over Mark Sweeney or Clay Hensley any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Actually I'd take him over anybody at FSSD with the possible exception of Mark Grant.

Who's fault is this?  Jay Posner tweets that someone high up in the Padres Front Office was not a fan.  Look, if your not a fan of  Scan, then I'm not a fan of you.  It's that simple.

I'll give you a hint who it likely was, his first name is Mike and his last name starts with D.

I don't think I've agreed with one decision the Padres President has made since coming back to San Diego after his long stint with the Red Sox and Miami Dolphins.

Don Orsillo to take over full-time in 2017 |

"We are excited to add Don to our broadcast lineup," said Padres president and CEO Mike Dee. "Over his 15 years broadcasting Major League Baseball, Don has established himself as one of the premier play-by-play men in the game. We look forward to both his fun-loving personality and outstanding play-calling ability resonating with Padres fans during what we expect will be a very long career in San Diego."

I can't even right now.  I. Can't. Even.

Jesse Agler will leave Padres Social Hour and become Ted Leitner's new partner.  I swear to god, if they even think about replacing Leitner with one of their cronies I will lose my sh_t.  I wouldn't put it past them either, this leadership group has become known for making absurd decisions.

Scan I love you!