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FSSD's Brie asks "Wil Myers or Will Venable?"

Brie, our favorite Multi-Media Journalist from Fox Sports San Diego, just got all up in my DMs and told me to watch her newest Padres video entitled "Wil or Will".  Now I'm not usually much of a Padres fan but I watched it as a personal favor to her.

As it turns out it's real good.  Here's my recommendation of how to watch it.  Pull up Nick Drake's song "Which Will" from his classic album Pink Moon.  Start playing it real softly and pour yourself a glass of wine.  Take off your shirt.  Lay down on a vinyl or synthetic leather couch.  Prop your laptop/tablet or phone up on your bare chest.  Take a long drag off of your e-cig and enjoy...

We'll discuss our favorite parts after you finish watching.

That was really good right? Okay here's my favorite parts.

1.   The guy who doesn't know which Wil(l) has the bigger shoe size.  Love how he moves in for the double hug at the end and gives the camera the look.  I'm totes going to try this next time I see Brie.

2.  The dance that dude does after he answers the walk-up song question right.   I need that turned into an animated gif for use after every Padres win.  Somebody get on that for me.

3.  When Brie just cruises up on that dude sitting alone at the bar.  They must have cut his answer because he was speechless.

4.  Brie's reaction after her mouth-to-mouth question and then the Asian dude who puts a lot of thought into his answer.

5.  Good overall production quality and editing.