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SD Social Summit 2015: Talking with Mike Dee and Jesse Agler

The Padres' third Social Summit began with some Q&A with Padres President Mike Dee and chatting with multimedia host Jesse Agler.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres held their third Social Summit on Sunday, inviting fans from all over the social media world to Petco Park for a morning of mingling and talking with people from the Padres organization. I had a chance to attend for the second season in a row and a great time was had all around. It was especially good seeing other Gaslamp Ballers out there, like Darklighter, CurbEnthusiasm, SDHatGuy, bcline760, and hashtagtroll.

I woke up early on Sunday morning, tired from #StarWarsNightSD the previous night but excited for a day full of Padres and friendship. I packed three extra mobile phone chargers, the traveling jersey, and grabbed some coffee and headed on down to Petco Park with my +1. Since it was still early on a Sunday morning, we were able to find some free street parking just a few blocks away from the ballpark. We headed over and were greeted by some of the other attendees and Padres content manager, Nicky Patriarca. She checked us in and we all waited for the last stragglers to show up before she brought us into the park through the Padres offices and up to Club 19.

As we walked in, a few minutes after the planned 10:30 start time, Mike Dee was already talking to the group. He invited those of us who had just walked in to take a seat as he continued to answer questions. I didn't catch a lot of it, but I do know he told the group that he had never seen Star Wars (like he needed any more reason to be disliked) and that he totally dodged questions about the All Star Game logo and Padres uniforms/colors. I remember him talking a bit about the search for the new (permanent) Padres manager, noting that their evaluation of current/interim manager Pat Murphy was still ongoing and would continue into the offseason. SDHatGuy took much better notes than me, so you can read more about what Dee had to say in his fanpost.

Following Mike Dee was Padres TV/radio host and broadcaster Jesse Agler, who talked briefly to the group and invited us to step out of our social media "cliques" and get to know others in the group who we maybe hadn't met before. He had us go on Twitter and tweet the hashtag #SDSocialSummit19 so that we could all identify, follow, and interact with each other later. But he told us to make sure to avoid being trolls.

At that point, Jesse had to head down and get ready to host that morning's episode of Padres Social Hour, which he invited us to watch in the studio. The next half hour consisted of a fun little activity, but I'll get more into that later.