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SD Social Summit begins

The Padres are hosting their annual #SDSocialSummit this morning.  The event seems to have found its new home on the last Sunday home game of the year.  On Thursday the Padres tweeted their invitation and fans needed only to #ReplyToApply to see if they made the cut.  Last year they had guest speakers, a rotating round table of breakout groups which I told everyone that would listen was my idea and yet no one cared.  They still don't as far as I know.

Gaslamp Ballers in attendance representing you and me are @Jodes0405, @Darklighter and @SDHatGuy.  Follow their Twitters to see what's going on.  I'm sure they'll have a full write-up later.  Until then we can live vicariously through their every social media touch point.

It looks like the fun just started.

So far the most interesting news is that Padres President Mike Dee hasn't seen Star Wars.

Suddenly everything about him is starting to make sense.  He'd love the prequels.  I can feel it.