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First baby born at Petco Park in Bud Selig Plaza of all places

I see this as the start of a new trend, having your baby at Petco Park during a Padres game.  Soon all the doulas will be recommending it like they do birthing in bathtubs and roller coasters.  I actually know very little about birthing humans, not having sired any children nor born of a womb myself.

Tonight a baby boy named Levi was born in Bud Selig Plaza formerly known as Palm Court Plaza.  I don't know why the baby was named Levi, he should clearly be named Bud Selig.  They missed a golden opportunity to work a deal behind closed doors to get that baby an All-Star Game ticket.

A nurse on the Padres staff was the one that delivered the baby.  Somebody have her throw out the first pitch.

Baby boy born during Padres game at Petco |

"When I got there she was completely dilated and having to push," Borowy said of the female, who was at 39 weeks. "She was perfectly calm. She said, 'I'm having my baby, can I make it to the hospital.'"

The Padres made a special delivery at the hospital: