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Former Red Sox broadcaster Don Orsillo rumored to be a possible replacement for Dick Enberg

Gail Oskin/Getty Images

You heard the news that Dick Enberg is retiring from his job broadcasting the Padres on Fox Sports San Diego.  But have you also heard the rumor that the Padres might be trying to get recently dismissed Boston broadcaster Don Orsillo as a replacement?

Furthermore have you heard the crickets chirping on the subject here at Gaslamp Ball?  There's a reason for that, at least for me.   I've never once watched a Red Sox game and listened to the NESN broadcast.  Do people do that?  I guess so, because many Padres fans on Twitter seemed to be excited by the prospect of this rumor being true.

We know this much, the Padres leadership that President Mike Dee brought with him from the Red Sox organization to San Diego via Florida, LOOOVE the Red Sox.  It's their favorite team.  It's all they ever think about.  I hope one day I hold a powerful position with their beloved team so I can change their name to the Blue & Yellow Sox and make them wear blue and yellow to torture their fan base.  I day dream about this type of revenge often, for what they're doing to my beloved Padres brown and gold.

I digress... yeah so I bet Orsillo will be here soon enough.