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FSSD's Brie asks fans about their Padre beards

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Fox Sports San Diego's multimedia journalist Brie just released a new episode of her whimsical series of fan interviews.  This time she focuses on those filthy beards that the Padres have been keeping all season long.

I realize now the secret behind Brie's interviewing technique.  She's got great reactions to fan answers, but maybe more importantly she's a good listener, maybe too good for our own good.  I've noticed this in the times I've spoken to her.  She listens so intently that it makes you keep saying things to fill the conversation until you're at your wits' end, acting ridiculous and talking crazy.  It's only then that her editors swoop in and cut out the parts where you're a normal boy with real feelings.

Here watch her new video where she talks to bearded fans and then we'll talk about all our favorite parts.

1.  I like that Matt Kemp's beard gets attention because he keeps his neatly groomed.  Too many beards these days aren't sanitary.

2.  Mustache for sure!


Little creepier.

3.  When the baby puts her little baby hand on Brie's microphone and looks longingly into her eyes.  That'd be my reaction too.