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Chris Gomez's Padres 1998 NLCS ring mysteriously returned

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

This is an interesting story that affected former Padres shortstop Chris Gomez.  I wish there was more information because it sounds like a good old fashioned mystery.  A few weeks ago Gomez realized that a few of his cherished rings were missing, among them his 1998 Padres NLCS ring.

Mystery Person Returns Padres' Championship Ring | Cerritos-Artesia, CA Patch

Christopher Gomez doesn't know how his NLCS ring disappeared; no one knows who returned it, either. Other 'sentimental' rings still missing.

On Sunday morning an unidentified man dropped off the ring at the Lakewood, CA Sheriff Station's counter.  Deputies didn't have a chance to speak with him before he left.  Deputies then jumped on the internet to find out who the ring belonged to.  It was only then that they realized it belonged to their hometown hero Chris Gomez, who I guess they didn't realize played with the Padres.

Return of the ring: Lakewood resident, former Padre gets surprise from a stranger

He realized the championship ring was missing a few weeks ago but didn’t know how he lost it, according to the sheriff’s department. On Sunday morning, an unidentified person dropped off the ring at the front counter of the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station and left before deputies were able to talk to him.

Gomez's high school and college ring are still missing.

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