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SD 2, COL 10: Robbie Erlin has unflattering late season debut

Welp, doesn't get much more rough than that.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Tonight Robbie Erlin made his first start for the Padres in a very long time. Everything that could have gone wrong for him did. Everything that could have gone right didn't. The Rockies pummeled Robbie, and the Friar bats couldn't compensate. The final series against the Rockies in 2015 has been lost.

Erlin went a very generously-allowed 3 innings. The first thing he did in his return was give up four earned runs. The second thing he did was give up one more earned run. By the time he was relieved in the bottom of the fourth, his backup gave up three more runs that were credited to him. The Rocky bats were in full effect tonight, and Erlin clocked out with only 2 strikeouts to his name and a 21.00 ERA.

The two shots fired back from the Pads came from Justin Upton on a RBI-single in the third to bring home Wil Myers, and a solo shot from Jedd Gyorko in the fifth. That HR was numero 15 from Gyorko, but was easily buried under the pile of RBI-singles struck by the bad guys tonight.

The Friars will do their darned best to not get swept by the Rockies to finish the 2015 match up. We'll be throwing James Shields out to accomplish that against Kyle Kendrick.

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