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Josh Johnson knew he had torn ligament 10 weeks ago but tried to pitch anyway

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ESPN's Jerry Crasnick said yesterday on Twitter that Padres pitcher Josh Johnson knew that his arm ligament was torn 10 weeks ago but with support from Padres management tried to pitch anyway.  The result was arm soreness in a start in Lake Elsinore and soon his third Tommy John surgery.

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#Padres pitcher Josh Johnson is "committed to giving it one more shot'' as he prepares to undergo his third elbow reconstruction sometime in the next two weeks, said his agent, Matt Sosnick. Johnson, who hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2013, knew he had a torn ligament in his right elbow 10 weeks ago. "The Padres' upper management and their medical staff have been very supportive, and they told him he could try to pitch through it,'' Sosnick said. The agent said Johnson is looking at all medical options, including "cutting edge'' procedures beyond the standard Tommy John surgery. Johnson made back-to-back All-Star teams with the Marlins in 2009 and 2010, but has enjoyed only one injury-free season over the past five years. @JonHeymanCBS reported on Johnson's latest injury Tuesday.

Can you really pitch through a torn ligament?  Isn't it just a matter of time before it will need to be surgically repaired.  Sure seems that way to this fan.  I don't get why he'd even wait the 10 weeks or try to make a meaningless start.  I get why he'd want to, but I just don't see any benefit.

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And try he did, although the odds were never on Johnson's side to return to the rotation, much less a bullpen role. Even if he matched Dan Hudson's record-setting pace of some 15 months from a second Tommy John, the earliest he could have return to a bullpen role would have been July.

It's got to suck knowing that you'll have to wait another 20 months from the date of the surgery until you can try and pitch again.