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Padres announce return of Holiday Wonderland

I got an email from the Padres saying that their Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park was returning for its second year.  Get this, we're being promised it's going to be bigger and better than ever.  Last year I went twice, once as a pseudo-VIP with Bobby (you should read about our good time) and second as a commoner.  Not very surprisingly being a VIP was much better, the lines were shorter and... well the lines were shorter.  Being a commoner was good too though since the guys brought their kids and they seemed to really like waiting in lines.

My suggestion for those interested is to familiarize yourself with the event before you decide to go.  Really calibrate your expectations, because if you're not being realistic with yourself and your family and build them up too much you're going to be disappointed.  Last year I was pretty unsure of what the event entailed.  This video explained it rather well.  If I attend this year I'm planning on spending more time in each of the Holiday scenes, just chilin'.  I think I spent too much time rushing here and there and forgot the true message of Holiday Wonderland which is... still can't remember.

Holiday Wonderland returning to Petco Park |

"Last year’s inaugural Holiday Wonderland event was an overwhelming success and we have set out to make this year’s event even bigger and better," said Vice President, Corporate and Event Revenue Jeremy Horowitz. "With an expanded layout, more activities and the incorporation of our new video board into the event, the magic of the holidays will be alive and well at Petco Park."

This event, will absolutely destroy the grass at Petco Park and then they'll host a Monster Truck jam that will destroy it further but it will pay for the new sod.  It will look nice for Opening Day and then concerts will destroy it again.  It's the circle of life at the ballpark.