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Local blogger making pancakes and loads of money for Clean Water

I told you last week how Brady from is raising money for Clean Water in the month of September.  At the time he was asking people to donate $20 for a piece of pancake art.  Since then the demand has skyrocketed and he couldn't keep up, so he raised the donation price to $100, thinking it'd ease his work load.  Not so, the art is still selling like, well hotcakes. He's raising money at an insane rate.  Who knew that people love pancake art?  Brady did.

Check out the piece he did for us of the San Diego Chicken.

Here's Brady showing how it's all done to Heather Lake from Fox 5.

So far Brady has raised over $22,000 and the month is only halfway over.  It's probably not fair or necessary to make a comparison since their both good causes, but I took note that Brady has raised a quarter of the money that the Padres did with their one day Pedal for the Cause tele-thon and he's done it all with just a little Bisquick.