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SD 4, ARI 6: Friars rattled in the 7th

Tyson Ross' pitching was rockin', the bats were poppin', but the bullpen wasn't lockin'.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Padres were looking to leapfrog ahead of the Diamondbacks today, but there were some late-inning forces in play to prevent that. Despite another fab start from Tyson Ross and some solid hitting from the lineup, the bullpen bummers blew up in the Pads' face.

Ross was coming off a 4-hit 3-run start against the Rockies. Tonight he  fulfilled another 6 innings with allowing only four hits and a single earned run on what would have been a harmless single. He kept the Snakes charmed with 9 strikeouts. Then, like somebody knocking down a stacked deck of cards, Bud Norris and Kevin Quackenbush both showed up to concede 5 runs. This shifted the score to an insurmountable 6-4.

With some hot efforts from Justin Upton's behemoth home run and score on a wild pitch, a double-play-RBI from Yangervis Solarte, and an RBI single from Travis Jankowski, the Friars were all but silent on the offensive side of things. A combined 10 hits is what would go wasted by some weak relief work. Every starter besides Matt Kemp had a hit, along with Wil Myers who did walk.

We can keep above the boiling Arizona water with a win tomorrow, banking on the good Andrew Cashner to best Arizona's shaky Robbie Ray.

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