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Eric Show gave up Pete Rose's 4,192nd hit 30 years ago

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Pete Rose surpassing Ty Cobb to become what he likes to sign on baseballs, "Hit King". Anytime I hear about that event, all I think of is Eric Show taking a seat on the mound while the hug-fest played out, and all the hubbub that surrounded that. I checked YouTube for a clip and was pleasantly surprised to find that the MLB digital overlords allowed the entire game to be on there.

I only made it through the first forty minutes because people won't stop calling and walking in the front door. Man, that bell is loud. If these people knew how hungover I am, they'd just save their problems for Monday.


There's a nice little interview with Steve Garvey that begins at the 9:30 mark and lasts through 12:50. In it he talks about also being on the field when Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth. He speaks highly of Rose, saying "We hope Pete gets a hit, gets stranded, and we win the game," going on to add that it's essentially a nice distraction from the Pittsburgh (cocaine) trials.

Rose's first at-bat begins at 26:26, and he gets his single at 27:50. The first image and mention of Show sitting down on the mound came at exactly the half-hour mark and neither announcer shamed him for it. But everyone certainly made up for that in the days following and actually for the rest of Show's life.