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Yonder Alonso likely out for the season with back injury

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yonder Alonso's season is probably over.  A bone scan revealed he has a stress reaction in his lower back that was aggravated by his clumsy albatross like slide into home plate on August 31st.  If he should continue to play it could lead to a stress fracture and no one wants that.

Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso's season likely over due to stress reaction in lower back |

"My lower half went one way, and my upper went the other," Alonso said. "I was dealing with (the tightness) a little bit prior to that, but it was playable; it wasn't like I was hurting it more. But obviously, that play just kind of took it over the top."

Yonder said he'd been dealing with tightness in his lower back prior to the in-game slide but this was the straw that broke the -- well you get the idea.