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FSSD's Brie tells us 5 facts about the Padres 2016 schedule

If it isn't awkwardly obvious by now, I really dig these Padres baseball webisodes that FSSD has been producing.  As someone that has difficulty carrying on a conversation with anyone but the voices in my head, I'm amazed at how Brie approaches strangers, stuffs a microphone in their face and turns them into our friends.

As we get to know Brie better through each new episode in the series we can also appreciate that she's still a bit crazy.  That side of her reared its crazy head when she let loose a "So we can advance! YEAH!" when reacting to a child's statement about the Padres beating the Dodgers at the end of next season.  The child and I were simultaneously stunned.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.  Let's watch this episode as Brie tells us about next season's schedule and the promise it holds.

Here's 3 things I learned from Brie's 5 facts:

1.  New Yorkers eat popcorns.

2.  The Padres are the last team in the major leagues to have visited every MLB city.  They've apparently never played in Toronto.  I can't remember if I knew that or not prior to this video.  My memory is that bad.

3.  I also learned that I need an animated gif of Brie's reaction when the guy tells her the reason behind his monogrammed tooth.  It's perfect for all occasions.


Thanks Jodes!