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FSSD's Brie makes us wish we had skipped work to attend the Padres game

I'm being quite serious when I say that my favorite FSSD programming is Brie Thiele's multi-media journalism.  In today's webisode she finds out which fans skipped out on work to attend the Padres game. I wish I would have, even knowing now that the Padres lost.  As the old surfing expression goes, "Better to get worked than go to work."

I want Brie on the Padres broadcast in some capacity.  She could do some sideline reporting or better yet let's have her pop into the broadcast booth for a few innings if fans ever get tired of Sweeney in that role.

Here watch this video and then let's talk about our favorite parts.

1.  If you know me, then you know I love me some Padres Organist Bobby Cressey.  The chemistry between Bobby and Brie is electric.  I want them to start a podcast so that I can subscribe.

2.  I like Brie calling out the Boston guys decked out in Red Sox gear.  She owned them.  Nothing better in my opinion.

3.  #BringBackTheBrown.  That's some dress.

4.  The guy who says he didn't call in sick, he "took the day off" but is using a sick day.

5.  The way Brie's demeanor changes to that of a gentle woodland creature when she talks to the young boy and girl donning backward baseball caps.

Good stuff, all of it.