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Padres haze their rookies by dressing them as prisoners

The annual tradition of rookie hazing is alive and well.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Veteran MLB players are dirty old men.  This is a well known fact in the baseball community.  Once a year, usually on the last road trip of the season, they hide behind the traditional hazing practices of rookies in order to make their sick fantasies come true.

These fantasies have been kept from the public all season long but the rookies have surely felt the veterans leering at them in the locker room.  Undoubtedly each veteran has taken a special liking to a vulnerable rookie during a slump, promising to take him under his wing and to show him how to play baseball the "right way".  The rookies probably resisted for a time but now baseball culture prohibits the rookies from doing anything but following the veteran's strict instructions about just how they should be dressed.

This season the older dudes wanted to satiate their appetite for power.  They wanted the rookies to feel as though all of their freedom had been taken away and they'd been not only stripped of their rights and their clothes but their dignity as well.  Look at the thrill that the geezers get from the control they possess over their prey.

Next year these same rookies, if they survive the cut, will develop their own rituals and the cycle of hazing will continue.  It's all in good fun though... or is it?

What happens when your partner gets checked by TSA and you don't... #inmates #rookies #problems

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