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Constructing a team of players who have been both Padres and Rangers

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

This is number 15 in my series of 29 combined team posts, so I'm finally over the halfway hump. Of course, since I did the first one two years, two months, and two days ago, I shouldn't get too excited; if all goes as projected, I should be done in time for Thanksgiving of 2017. It's nice to have a reason to live.

As always, I used Baseball Reference's Multi-Franchise Finder to get the list of guys who have played for both the Padres and the other team in question, then whittle that list down to a 25-man roster. In this case, 102 different players have suited up for both the Friars and the Rangers. That's a fairly average number as far as these go, but the talent pool proved to be shallower than most.

Starting lineup:

C- Don Slaught

1B- Adrian Gonzalez

2B- Eric Young

SS- D'Angelo Jimenez

3B- Ken Caminiti

LF- Ryan Ludwick

CF- Willie Davis

RF- Oscar Gamble

Don Slaught doesn't carry the same name-recognition as Sandy Alomar, Jr, but his numbers on both sides of the ball blow Roberto's brother out of the water. Eric Young, D'Angelo Jimenez, and Ryan Ludwick were a bit painful to pencil in but the alternatives were exponentially more cringe-worthy. There was no pain in writing Willie Davis's name down in ink and underlining it twice, as he's one of the most underrated and forgotten players of his generation.


C- Sandy Alomar, Jr.

3B/1B/OF/C- Phil Nevin

2B/SS/3B- Ted Kubiak

OF- Jeff Francoeur

OF/1B- Matt Stairs

Some might ask, "Why isn't Phil Nevin in the starting lineup?" Well, he probably would be on most days, as his versatility permits giving any of over half of the starters the day off.

Starting rotation:

Gaylord Perry

Kevin Brown

Bruce Hurst

Bob Tewksbury

Chris Young

Chris Young eked out Chan Ho Park on virtue of both peak and rate numbers. And even if he didn't, I'm sure I would have came up with some excuse to put him on the roster.


Lance McCullers

Doug Brocail

Joaquin Benoit

Akinori Otsuka

Craig Lefferts

Mike Adams

Goose Gossage

Good luck scratching a run across in the late innings against this batch. I usually include Rudy Seanez in the bullpens of these teams where eligible -- due to the fact that he was a Padre on four separate occasions -- but there was just no justifying it this time. Much in the same way that I wanted to give the great Kurt Bevacqua a spot on the bench.

What would you have done differently?