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SD 1, MIL 10: Friars get beat up in series finale

Milwaukee returns the favor for that first game of the series.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Oh. So that's what that feels like. After starting the four game series against the Brewers beating them 13-5, the next three games proved to be a lot less magical. Offensive miscues, some bad pitching here and there, ultimately the whole series could have gone a lot better.

Odrisamer Despaigne was mostly to blame for today's dumpster fire, lasting only five innings but giving up 9 hits and 7 earned runs. Not a great start for Ody's August, and a bit more of a testament to needing a Brandon Morrow back ASAP as possible. Marc Rzepczynski (I had to copy and paste his name this time) and Dale Thayer did some solid relief to keep the tail end of the game reasonable and scoreless. But Kevin Quackenbush ruined all of that by giving up three more runs to give the Brews a nice even 10 for the day.

The lineup wasn't anything to write home about either. With the only run of the day coming from a Melvin Upton Jr. solo shot in the fifth, the Friars were effectively two hit by a combination of Matt Garza and Michael Blazek. Derek Norris was the only other Padre to get a hit, while Justin Upton coaxed two walks and Clint Barmes had one as well. So what, though, right?

It's time to come home, Padres. After splitting the 10-game road trip 5-5, the Padres will get fresh pickings of another beatable Phillies team. James Shields gets the start today as the Pads need to seriously start their climb for that second wildcard spot.

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