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Yangervis Solarte tries to teach Alexi Amarista how to nae-nae

Sometimes it's okay for players to have fun.

David Maxwell/Getty Images

This hasn't been the season the Padres, or Padres fans, had anticipated back in April. There have been some highlights, for sure, but many more lowlights than we all hoped after the historic offseason AJ Preller gave us. But that hasn't stopped the team from having some fun and keeping things light at times.

And, really, that's what's made such a disappointing season so bearable - and often incredibly entertaining - for me. I don't know how I would have survived as a fan all these years without the fun and funny moments the players provide for us on and off the field. Like when Andrew Cashner pulled a sneaky prank on the tv broadcasters and viewers at home. Or when he bought his rookie battery-mate a giant crown and cape to wear during batting practice. Or when that rookie catcher busted out a rap on the Padres pregame show.

Or when Yangervis Solarte, riding a nine-game hitting streak and starting to come out of his shell, shows off his smooth dance moves to Alexi Amarista and Matt Kemp before a game.

It gets cut off in the video below, but I think I remember Dick and Mudcat saying that Solarte (self-proclaimed best dancer in the clubhouse) was trying to teach Amarista how to do the whip/nae-nae and then Solarte and Kemp were ribbing Amarista for putting too much "salsa" into it.

Stuff like this is probably half the reason I watch sports and at least 75% of the reason I get so attached to these players and root so hard for them and continually keep the faith. I love seeing their human sides. I like LIKING players as people and not just as athletes. And it makes me keep tuning in to games when they're down by nine runs in the 9th inning with two outs and no one on base, and still hold onto the tiny possibility that they can pull through.