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Today's the anniversary of Gwynn's 3000th hit

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On August 6th, 1999 Tony Gwynn collected his 3,000th hit.  It's the only date in Padres history that I've committed to memory and it's probably the only one worth remembering.  I swore at the time that he'd make a run at 4,000, but it wasn't meant to be.

It's kind of fitting that it happened in Olympic Stadium in front of a small Canadian crowd.  Gwynn had always played in a small market and far outside the national spotlight.  Even when his achievements put him above the rest, few saw it happen.  We can count ourselves among the lucky ones that saw Gwynn's talents on display daily.

Since Gwynn and Jerry passed away it's been hard to think about these moments because for me they're all veiled in a bit of sadness now.  I hope that won't always be the case.  Watch the video below though and it's practically impossible not to smile.  I love when Jerry Coleman sees Gwynn's mom on the field.  He gets such a kick out of it.