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Padres Chairman Ron Fowler explains why no moves were made at the deadline

Dan Sileo lobs softballs while talking baseball with Ron Fowler. Is it just me or does Sileo start all his interviews kissing up to ownership?

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Ron Fowler: "There is a plan" | Mighty1090AM

  • Host Dan Sileo sent emails to Ron Fowler and Mike Dee complimenting them on not doing anything at the trade deadline.  He thinks it's sending the right message to the fans.  "You're showing Padres fans, I think, that there's a plan in place."
  • Fowler says there is indeed a plan.  They said before the trade deadline that they wouldn't do anything if it the moves didn't improve the team in the next two or three years.
    "There were a lot of opportunities out there but the bottom line is the opportunities didn't look good enough for us to move on it this time, so we didn't move."
  • A.J. Preller's team was very active and they engaged in a lot of conversations.
    "We couldn't get anything that we felt was going to make the team better over the next 2 or 3 year period.  We'll take a look at things later on after the season is over or maybe the month of August but it's all about trying to make the team stronger than it is now and we're not going to do anything knee jerk in the short-term."
  • Fowler agrees with Sileo that sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make.  Fowler says that in business and in sports if you move too quickly you make mistakes. The best moves are the ones where you have time to think them through.
  • The team has been playing well.  Fowler thinks that the team has jelled.  The pitching has come together.  He wants to be above .500 by the home stand.
  • The team was pressing two weeks ago.  Pat Murphy told the team to have fun in order to loosen up the team.  Fowler thinks Murphy has made and adjustment it's starting to show with wins.
  • On replacing Bud Black with Pat Murphy:
    "I talked to our baseball people and they had made a decision that they were looking to make a change and it's like this guy [Murphy] is probably going to leave the organization because he has options in Milwaukee, at least take a look at him if we're going to do that. If we're making a change then give him a chance and see what happens and he has a fire to him that I think you see.  You know Buddy was a great guy, he just hadn't gotten it done over a period of time and if we weren't going to bring Buddy back next year then he could play some golf this summer and let's take a look at Murph and see what happens."
  • Fowler wasn't worried about the national press being critical of their lack of movement.
    "We can't respond to that.  We just do what we think is right for the Padres and go on."
  • Fowler never told Mike Dee or A.J. Preller to lower the salary.  "No. No, absolutely not."  Fowler is looking at the salary increasing next year.  
  • "Right now we like the team we have and we like its chances."  The pitching and hitting are starting to come together.  The next 2 or 3 weeks will really determine how the Padres will do the rest of the season.
  • Fowler thinks the team is in the best position that it's been in the last ten years.