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Taylor Swift performed at Petco Park

Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

The ballpark this season had already hosted the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Aerosmith in the Padres' outfield.  Taylor Swift joined this legendary group of performers last night with her San Diego stop of the 1989 tour.

I didn't attend but the Twitter consensus reported it was a good show.  I peeked at her setlist to see if I'd have recognized her songs and as it turns out I'd have known eight of the eighteen played which I'm convinced makes me pretty hip.

It's important for the Padres to get concerts and events during the season because if I remember correctly they get to keep all the revenue during the season.  In the offseason they have to split it with the city.

As a Padres fan who may not be interested in Swift's music, maybe you'll be concerned about the grass.  If the past events this year are any indication we may be seeing dead grass in footprint of the stage for several weeks.  I doubt it will have much affect on the play but it is a bit of an eye sore.  Then again maybe the grounds crew has figured out a way to solve the problem in the past few months.

We looked beautiful last night, but let's see how we look in the coming days and weeks.