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Marc Rzepcynski claimed on waivers by Mets

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There were rumors in the past two days that the Mets were the team that claimed closer Craig Kimbrel off waivers but Ken Rosenthal reports that they were after another Padres reliever to strengthen their bullpen.  As for Kimbrel he was "pulled back" and Rosenthal reported that the Padres had no intention of trading him.

Fans waited with bated breath to see who it would be until Rosenthal finally broke the news that it was Marc Rzepczynski.  The Pads had picked up Marc earlier from the Indians.

Whether the trade will happen will depend on if the Padres are looking to save a half million dollars or if they still think they're going to make a run at the post season, which wouldn't surprise me.