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Fowler says he's not frustrated with Preller despite reports to the contrary

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that although he's heard from multiple sources that Padres ownership is frustrated with their one-time wunderkind A.J. Preller that owner Ron Fowler denied it on the record.  Myself I believe the multiple sources rather than Fowler himself only because Fowler has so far shown himself to be an owner with very little patience so I don't doubt that he's been critical of Preller and this dismal season.  Hell, I'm frustrated with both of them.

My transcription of Rosenthal's report:

"Numerous people tell me that Padres ownership is frustrated with GM A.J. Preller, but Executive Chairman Ron Fowler went on the record with me to insist that that was not the case.  Fowler told me 'I'm not happy with everything that has gone on this season but I'm very pleased with A.J. Preller and I think he's going to be a great GM and our GM for a long time'.  Now remember the Padres hired Preller to build up their farm system through the draft and international scouting.  They made a collective decision to ramp up this year but they remain committed to the original plan."