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Andrew Cashner shaves off his mullet mid-game (but not really)

Andrew Cashner, clubhouse prankster, got us all again.

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Today during the ninth inning of the Padres' trouncing of the Brewers, the camera panned over to Andrew Cashner, who was sporting a new look.

It took a few seconds before Mark Grant noticed, but when he did he was understandably shocked. Padres fans on Twitter were freaking out too. When did he cut his hair? And WHY?

And then we realized that earlier in the SAME game, Cashner's luxuriously curly locks were still intact on his head.

The plot thickened. Did he lose a bet? Did he cut his own hair? WAS HIS FORMER MULLET NOW LYING IN A MILLER PARK TRASH CAN? That is no way to go out, man.

We all awaited the postgame interviews. Not for Yangervis Solarte, who had his first career multi-homer game and drove in four runs. Not for Pat Murphy, who managed the team to a 13-5 win in the series opener against the Brewers. But for Andrew Cashner, for whom we all mourned the loss of a great head of hair.

And then it happened. I personally missed it live because I was too distracted by Cashner's new buzzed head. Then the tweets started rolling in as we all discovered that we had been tricked, by the greatest prankster in the Padres dugout.

You sly dog, Cash. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. After all, he was the mastermind behind this:

I have to say I've never been more relieved to be on the receiving end of a prank. May Cashner's mullet live on forever.