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SD 1, PHI 7: Padres thwomped by Phillies

Yes, thwomped. Yes, the Phillies.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Well, that one sucked a lot. Despite a decent outing from Ian Kennedy, the Padres bullpen did a great job at allowing the 50-78 Phillies to blow the game wide open. This is coming off a 4-game sweep at the hands of the Mets. But apparently, the Friars didn't bring their A, B, or even C-game today.

Kennedy gave it a shot by holding the Phils to only 2 earned runs in a little over 6 innings. He struck out 7, and walked a high 5. Only one of the two hits that he allowed for the night ended up turning into a run. His other came off a wild pitch to the pitcher Aaron Nola that allowed Ryan Howard to score. Some great news is there wasn't a single home run allowed by IPK the whole day.

Unfortunately, the only Friar run all day was off Justin Upton's 23rd home run of the season. It started the scoring off in the 4th and things were looking good. Then came the 8th inning, where Marc Rzepczynski and Odrisamer Despaigne teamed up to give up 5 total runs off a double, a triple from Jeff Francoeur, and a home run.

It's tough to tell where this season will end up. Winning streaks are followed by losing streaks. Right now, we're in one of those losing streaks. Maybe it's a fluctuating thing and we're bound for a 10-game winning streak next. Let's be faithful.

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