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Padres win 500th home game at Petco Park

The Padres bopped the Cardinals right on the beak last night with a 9-3 victory.  They won their 60th game of the season and their 30th at home in Petco Park this year.  Maybe more importantly they also won their 500th game at Petco Park. I kind of wish that they had pulled out the same 500 sign covered in roman candles that they used for Trevor Hoffman's 500th save.  I enjoy those little nods to the past.

We were there back in 2004 when they won their first one on Petco Park Opening Night.  I was not there last night because I haven't been to a game in forever and sometimes I forget that the season is still in session.

If you're anything like me then you want to see how the season win totals broke down.  Look at that the Padres also have a nice even number of losses at 450.  I'm actually a bit surprised they have a wining record at home, though maybe I shouldn't be.

Padres record at Petco Park

Year Home Wins Home Losses
2015 30 29
2014 48 33
2013 45 36
2012 42 39
2011 35 46
2010 45 36
2009 42 39
2008 35 46
2007 47 34
2006 43 38
2005 46 35
2004 42 39
Total 500 450