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Player To Be Named Later Is Named Now Unless Something Changes

The player in the Venable trade who was TBNL is pitcher Jon Edwards

Mike Stone/Getty Images

It's fun to be reacquainted with "sources" again after an uneventful Trade Deadline for the San Diego Padres, but here they are again.

So, it's not Cole Hamels, or Elvis Andrus, or Joey Gallo, or Hanser Alberto, or...

The Player To Be Traded To San Diego Later is right handed pitcher Jon Edwards.

Edwards started his professional career in the St. Louis Cardinals organization from 2006 until 2010 as an outfielder. He went on to play independent baseball in 2011 until going the Texas Rangers organization and beginning his pitching career.

In his time spent with the Rangers (majors/minors), he has only made appearances out of the bullpen. He carries a career 3.21 ERA and leaves the Rangers organization having made the 3rd most appearances at 32 in 2015 with their AAA team and taking his 1.42 ERA to the Padres.

Now comes that part about "unless something changes". If he doesn't clear waivers, he'll most likely be pulled off them and then traded to the Padres in the offseason. So, Edwards could be joining the Padres possibly next week or in October. And if it's later rather than sooner, it may mean the Padres change their mind on the player to be named later. But, as of right now, the Padres organization looks to be adding another reliever to the bullpen.