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Who was the Series MVP for the Padres against the Marlins?

Determine who should be the most recent Series MVP for the Padres.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

This is nice. Starting to like writing these Series MVP posts when the Padres win the series. Even better when IT'S THE THIRD STRAIGHT SERIES WIN. And now they've won 5 out of their last 6 series'.

They were supposed to be sellers!

In the last series, I didn't even give you a chance to pick a player because JUSTIN UPTON HIT A GAME WINNING 3 RUN HOMER IN THE 9TH and that's what was most important.

Batters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Alonso 4 3 1 8
Amarista -3 -2 19 14
Barmes X X 0 0
Gyorko 10 2 -6 6
Hedges X X X 0
Kemp -4 6 3 5
Norris 7 4 1 12
Solarte 2 14 3 19
J. Upton 2 5 -8 -1
M. Upton Jr. -2 X X -2
Venable 10 3 -6 7
Wallace 2 X 0 2
Kennedy 3 X X 3
Despaigne X -2 X -2
Shields X X -4 -4

Starters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Kennedy 22 X X 22
Despaigne X 28 X 28
Shields X X 16 16
Relievers Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Benoit 6 8 X 14
Garces X X X 0
Kelley X 4 X 4
Kimbrel -2 8 X 6
Mateo X X X 0
Maurer 8 X -16 -8
Quackenbush 7 X 1 8
Rzepcynski X 5 7 12
Thayer X X X 0
Vincent X X X 0

Unfortunately for Alexi Amarista, he won't get the Justin Upton Automatic Induction To Series MVP Hall of Fame because they didn't get the sweep, but Amarista is certainly a 2nd ballot Hall of Famer of course.

A few players came out looking great in the series. I mentioned Amarista who hit a GAME TYING 2 RUN HOMER IN THE 9TH, but that wasn't enough because when the game is tied by the away team, rules allow the home team to try and untie it and that''s what they did, so yeah. Plus, there were some other players that should get some recognition. And I want to let you choose your Series MVP instead of me stomping all over your dreams of voting on a Series MVP.

Yangervis Solarte. He is becoming quite the difference maker. He went 6 for 13 in Miami and has gone 14 for 38 over the last 3 series'. His double and pants-tearing triple in the 2nd game of the series helped the Padres get to an early lead.

My last candidate for Series MVP is going to go to Ian Kennedy. I mean, how could I not nominate him? He was a "you should trade him" guy on the day of the Trade Deadline who had to leave the team to go catch a flight to California to see the birth of his daughter. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for Ian and he was stuck in Florida. He got to see the birth via Facetime before taking the mound and throwing 7 strong innings and only missing out on the win because of a Craig Kimbrel blown save. To be in the mindset of "I gotta leave but I'm stuck" and go out on the mound for 7 innings for only the 3rd time this season is crazy. Seriously, I'm hungry and am starting to run out of the mental toughness needed to get through this paragraph.

Time to vote. Get to it, Gaslamp Ball.