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Padres sweep Braves

Josh Johnson didn't play today since he's still on the disabled list but just that hair needs some recognition.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Check this out, the Padres swept the Braves and I completely missed it. As someone who didn't watch the game, here are the 5 things you need to know about today's win.

1.  The Padres have owned the Braves in Petco Park in recent years

When I was reading Corey Brock's recap of the game I was stunned to see that the Padres have quite the winning streak against Atlanta when playing at Petco Park.  This is the big takeaway for me.  It also happened really quietly because I was completely unaware.

Austin Hedges, Yangervis Solarte lead charge |


The Braves have been outscored, 57-24, while losing 10 straight games at Petco Park dating back to Aug. 29, 2012. They have tallied more than three runs in just one of those 10 games.

2.  You need to see this double play

I probably should have put this first but it's too late for that now.  This double play that Amarista kicked off with a behind the back glove toss and that Jedd Gyroko finished with a barehanded catch and throw must be the best defensive play this year.  It's so sick.

3.  Solarte hit his way into our hearts

Yangervis Solarte is a little streaky so he keeps my expectations low and then he has a game like today that makes me think he should be inducted into the Padres Hall of Fame.  He went 3-3 today with a single, a homerun and double, but not in that order.  Watch him rake here and here.

4.  The battery of Tyson Ross and Austin Hedges is my favorite

Tyson Ross allowed one run in six innings with 5 Ks. Austin Hedges hit an RBI double in the 7th inning to give the Pads what would end up being the winning run.  He also gunned down another runner.  Dude has quick appendages.  They should be your favorites too.

5.  Meanwhile Matt Kemp has a 12 game hit streak going

We've heard about how Matt Kemp gets hot in the second half of the season and so far that has proven to be true.  He couldn't buy a hit earlier but now even bloops like this are falling in for him.