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SD 7, COL 5: Padres win again, No cycle this time

History wasn't made today, but Alonso got smacked in the noggin with a helmet and Cory Spangenberg made his return!

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Sure, the night was a lot less theatrical than the previous night. But another Padres win in the books is always good. Saturday's win over the Rockies came in the form of an Andrew Cashner riding the line between alright performance and early-game meltdown and a bursty San Diego offense.

Jodes' Game Preview

Cash didn't start off too bad. Working with an early one-run lead, he pushed through the first inning giving up a tying fielders-choice RBI, working his way past a leadoff double from Charlie Blackmon.

Both teams were blanked for the second inning, but once that third spot rolled around Cashner let out two more runs off an RBI-single. He lasted until the sixth, until he was relieved by Marc Rzepczynski, who still gave up a run on a sac fly. Bud Norris popped in for support by giving up another run, and the Rockies were up 5-4 by the end of the sixth.

By the end of the night, Cashner gave up 7 hits and was credited with 4 earned runs, striking and walking out 2.

That was it for the Rocks, though. Not so much for the Friars. After Yangervis Solarte was plated on a sac fly from Matt Kemp in the first, the sixth inning scoring boosted the Padres' run support to 4 when Justin Upton scored Yonder Alonso on an RBI-single and a Jedd Gyorko did his thing with an RBI-double to get Matt Kemp home.

Down a run in the ninth, Derek Norris, who replaced Alonso at first base because Upton got a little bit grumpy and flung his helmet right into Alonso's head (by mistake), led the inning with a hard-hit double.

Cory Spangenberg then filled in for Ninja, and used his now-bruiseless bones to reach first base on a great bunt. With runners at the corners now, Melvin Upton would end up dribbling a tipped hit barely in front of the plate, and former-Friar Nick Hundley would air-mail that sucker down the first base line. That did the trick to get Norris home and give us all a new ballgame.

Norris scores on error

The fun wasn't over, though. Pinch-hitting Brett Wallace would then line one into center field, scoring Spangy easily. The Rockies strategized on how to deal with Solarte, and decided that letting him sac fly another run in was the best course of action. This left the Pads up 7-5, and allowed Craig Kimbrel to kick the door shut.

Both Norris and Upton (you get to guess which ones) had multi-hit nights. Norris gunned down three stupid Colorado baserunners today, buffing his league-leading catcher caught stealing number to 31, which is also the most a catcher has had in three years. We breakin' records and makin' history over here.

Source: FanGraphs

Here's what our win-projection looked like throughout the night.

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