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Justin Upton throws helmet in dugout, hits Yonder Alonso in head

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Sometimes when players get mad they throw tantrums just to show everyone how made they are.  That's what Justin Upton did after he was picked off at first base.  Yonder Alonso was the one paid the price when Upton's helmet stuck to his fingers when he tried to slam it down and it hit Alonso in the forehead.

Alonso, ironically stomped around the dugout throwing buckets of gum to the ground.  No one was hurt during the second act of frustration.  However Alonso was removed from the game by trainers and this morning it was announced that he did not suffer a concussion.

Yonder Alonso hit by Justin Upton's helmet |

"We're out there competing and that's a big point in the game and I made a big mistake," Upton said afterwards. "I was pretty upset about it.

"It's childish. I've got to do better than that and not make that mistake again."

Alonso was attended to by team trainers and was later looked at by the Rockies' medical staff which deemed him not to have concussion-like symptoms.

The Padres said they will re-evaluate Alonso Sunday morning.

"I was just watching the game and felt something just hit me right across the head," Alonso said. "But it's part of the game. Guys get upset. I'm fine. Luckily, everything checked out well. We're going to move on."

Here's the best video I could find at the moment.  You can see how Upton immediately appears apologetic after realizing what he's done.

During the next day's game Alonso showed off his sense of humor by welcoming Upton back to the dugout while dressed in full catcher's gear.  Oh those two!