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SD 9, COL 5: Through victory, Matt Kemp makes Padres history

The Padres won the Matt Kemp trade. A.J. Preller brought a cycle to San Diego fans. Nothing can stop us now.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It happened. It finally happened. Through all of the ups and downs of the 2015 season so far, and with myself writing recaps for most of those downs, we get to witness one of the biggest ups in San Diego baseball history. God, I love baseball. I love the Padres. Tonight is all we're going to be talking about for at least the rest of August, but it's nice to remember there was still a game surrounding the magic that Matt Kemp gave us all.

Tyson Ross got to start in today's game, hoping to get some momentum rolling for the team again after James Shields was beat up the other day. Ross lasted a short 5 innings, only giving up 2 earned runs, but being credited with 4 unearned. Two of those runs came in the very first inning, a response to a Padres 3-run first.

It all started for the Friars with the honorable Matt Kemp jacking a 2-run home run to deep center field to bring home Derek Norris. Jedd Gyorko, who also had himself a night, followed up with a searing RBI-double to plate Justin Upton. Brandon Barmes retaliated with another run from an RBI-triple, tying things 3-3, but Derek Norris helped the Friars climb back up 4-3 with a solo home run. So Brandon Barmes hit another RBI-triple.

The hero Matt Kemp fought back with an RBI-double, and Gyorko blasted a 3-run home run to seal the deal. Nolan Arenado tried to get something going with a weak little RBI-single, but nothing materialized.

And then...

The glorious Matt Kemp has himself a single, a double, and a home run. With one swing of the bat, the ball sailed into right center field. It looked like it was gone, for sure. The ball carried on that thin Colorado air, and plunked right into the awkward low wall, jackknifing back over to center field. Slow out of the box at first, the magnificent Matt Kemp had to step on the gas. By the time he rounded second, everybody knew it was happening, but that didn't stop Padres fans from collectively yelling "GO! GO!! GOOOO!!!!".

He made it cleanly into third base, and the one and only Matt Kemp did something that generations of faithful Padres fans and talented players were never able to witness. The first cycle for the San Diego Padres, and a 9-5 victory on a Craig Kimbrel close.

A gif wouldn't do it justice. It's worth it to listen to Mudcat know right away what's about to go down, screaming and yelling like a true fan, and Teddy/Jesse Agler calling it perfectly. Padres history. Retire this man's number.

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